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Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser

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0.5-5mL Sapphire Research Grade Bottle Top Dispenser w/Dual Inlet Technology

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A revolutionary new bottle top dispenser, featuring dual-inlet technology, a re-circulation valve, and the ability to lock in your desired dispensing volume.

For more information about the different fluoropolymers used in this dispenser, take a look at the information presented here.

To view chemical compatibility with harsh chemicals, read this document.

0.5-5mL Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser
by LH Technologies

With a Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser, you'll be fully capable of dispensing a wide variety of reagents with unparalleled precision and accuracy. Its unique and innovative re-circulation valve will redirect liquids back into the bottle, without the loss of any reagent. Each bottle top dispenser in the Sapphire line is fully autoclavable at 121°C and 15psi, for 10-15 minutes.

In addition to the re-circulation valve, the Sapphire line of bottle top dispensers features dual-inlet valve technology, that allows you to rinse and refill your reagent or media storage bottle all without dismounting the dispenser. The dual inlet design of the Sapphire series allows for four different modes of operation:

  • Standard dispensing: the bottle top dispenser performs normal dispensing operations into the receiving container directly from the bottle the dispenser is mounted upon.
  • Purging: with both valves closed, the liquid in the storage bottle is recirculated through the dispenser and back into the bottle, removing air from the dispenser without having to waste any reagent.
  • Dilution/Rinsing/Second Liquid Dispensing: liquid from a second source can be dispensed into the receiver. This could be distilled water, allowing the user to rinse the dispenser without dismounting it from the bottle, or for diluting the reagent in the receiver.
  • Bottle refilling: liquid from a second source can be used to refill the reservoir bottle, without the need to dismount the dispenser. This avoids potential spills, and the loss of reagent.

The Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser line combines a PTFE piston with an ETP O-ring, to provide not only a superior chemical resistance, but also as smooth and frictionless movement of the piston as possible. That smooth plunger movement makes for bubble-free liquid dispensing capabilities and effortless performance under the most demanding of laboratory conditions.

A volume adjustment knob allows you to set the dispensing quantity between 0.5-5mL in 0.1mL increments, with an accuracy of ±0.6% (±0.030mL) and a CV of ±0.2% (±0.010mL). The knob can be rotated 180 degrees, locking in the desired volume and preventing any accidental changes to the quantity of liquid being dispensed. On top of that, it features both an adjustable delivery nozzle and a full 360° rotation of the pump. This allows you to dispense liquids at almost any angle, without fear of unscrewing the bottle top dispenser and spilling reagents across the workspace.

It includes a set of 5 adapters, allowing the Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser to be fitted to most standard laboratory reagent bottles or media storage bottles. The adapter sizes included are: 28, 30, 32, 36, 40 and 45mm.

Additionally, each individual bottle top dispenser is calibrated by an ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, and includes a calibration report. A calibration tool is included with all Sapphire Bottle Top Dispensers, allowing for them to be quickly re-calibrated in your own lab and staying in compliance with GLO/ISO 8655 norms.

Component Description
Piston PTFE & ETP
Cylinder Borosilicate Glass
Volue Adjustment Knob PP, 180° Rotation
Valve Housing PFA
Recirculation Valve Housing PFA
Valve Assembly Borosilicate Glass Ball & Seat
Discharge Assembly PTFE
Delivery Tube FEP
Inlet Tube FEP
Calibration Individually calibrated & certified
In-lab by user is also possible
Accuracy & Reproducibility In accordance with ISO 8655 standards
Compatibility Excellent with all reagents, except HF (Hydrofluoric Acid)
  • PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • FEP - Fluorethylene-perfluorpropylene
  • PFA - Perfluoroalkoxy
  • ETP - Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Perfluoromethylvinylether

Additional Information

Lead Time No
Product Warnings Caution - Product contains glass and may break if handled improperly. Handle with care.
Country of Origin No
Condition New
Available for Gift Wrap No

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